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"We just want to make pretty pictures."

Launched by award-winning VFX pioneer Greg-Paul Malone, Sauce is a high-end Creative Finishing and Visual Effects boutique located in Marina del Rey, California. We prefer to let our work do the talking, so we’ll keep this brief. 

Sauce delivers the goods, exceeds expectations, and never nickels and dimes our clients. 

The “je ne sais sauce”


Sauce is the extra bling to your ring.  It’s the thing you didn’t know your spot needed — until you saw it.  Now it’s not just good, it’s Epic. Magical.


We don’t just do “A over B” VFX as requested, then walk away.  We look to over-deliver. 

We are obsessed with making pretty pictures -- and bring creativity, ideas, and that extra...  Sauce.

sauce studio
13428 Beach Avenue
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
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